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The Future is Here

Advanced Composites Engineering has been specializing in the manufacture of carbon fiber and composite reinforced plastic structures and molded products for over 15 years. We are proud to serve the aeropsace, industrial, medical and automotive industries both locally and nationally.

A.C.E. specializes in fabricating molds, models, prototypes, and production pieces, and we do custom fabrication using fiberglass, Kevlar, Spectra, graphite, and other advanced materials. A.C.E. has completed projects for a wide variety of applications in the aerospace and automative industries, as well as working in the medical, industrial design and recreational sports categories.

Advanced Composites' list of customers includes an impressive array of demanding clients:

Advanced Composites Engineering maintains 100% customer satisfaction with on time delivery and quality to meet all customer requirements. We have a "Zero" reject quality status.


OUR Services


ACE offers a complete package from conception to production. We handle design, research & development, pattern making, prototyping, tooling and part production all under one roof. We can recommend laminate schedules, and perform structural analysis at this stage.


ACE can create precise tooling "masters" or "patterns" from concepts or prints. We use a wide variety of mediums to meet your tooling needs such as all types of composite structures as well as thermoset, thermoformed, injected, cast and vacuum formed plastics.


Advanced composites molds are capable of large production runs and are able to produce the highest quality parts. They can withstand extreme and constant temperate changes as may be necessary when cycling the tool.

We can also fabricate plaster molds which are considerably less expensive to use when manufacturing high quality parts for limited production runs. We recommend these molds for prototype parts and custom one-off pieces.


Prototypes can be fabricated from different materials, laminate schedules, and finishes when "dialing in" your product for production. Prototypes can be tested for structural integrity and viability before beginning production.

Whether it's a one-off, or part of a 10,000 unit run, Advanced Composites Engineering is dedicated to the quality of each and every piece, and supplies performance products for the world's top-tier manufacturers.


Advanced Composites Enginerring is ISO9001 / AS9100 compliant. Advanced Composites is Veteran owned and registered with the CCR (Central Contract Registry). We are also registered with the DDTC for ITAR certification.

We have been a Gold/Gold Certified supplier to The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin co., General Atomics, NASA, as well as many other companies.

Why Contact A.C.E.?

Many industries are turning to advanced composite material when creating new and innovative products. Carbon fiber and Kevlar materials are widely recognized for their ultra light weight and high strength. Most notable and exciting are the graphic and design quality of these materials. They are available in a wide variety of weaves, patterns and colors creating an endless world of possibilities. We can provide you with an accurate quote if you send us the part, detailed photos or drawings with specs.

How to Get Started

If you're an engineering company or have your own CAD designs, Drawings, or solid models, we can work directly from those. We can provide full engineering services including FEA for companies that do not have the capabilites in house. We can also work from existing models, shapes, drawings, sketches, templates, or any type of rendering you may have to communicate your ides to us. Just email or fax over your RFQ's or requests to the link and we'll be able to provide you a detailed quote in short order.

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