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In 1993, Joseph Albertelli started Advanced Composites Engineering because he recognized the need for custom built specialty plastic and reinforced composite parts and structures. Previously, Joseph worked as a mechanic, machinist, and craftsman for several years during his high school career. After obtaining a B.S.M.E. from the University of Hartford, CT, he worked as a draftsman providing CAD and engineering services for Kaman Aerospace and Kamatics Bearing Division. He then went on to work for Bettendorf Power as a race mechanic, running day to day operations as an engine builder, mechanic, race engineer, and crew chief for championship winning formula car teams.

Joseph's expertise in the field allowed him to identify a niche market for carbon fiber and fiberglass composite components including bodywork, aerodynamic devices such as airfoils and wings, brake ducting, fuel tanks, and many other factory as well as aftermarket components.

Since the beginning, Advanced Composites Engineering has completed projects for many prominent companies and groups including:

  • TRD / Toyota racing development,
  • Yamaha,
  • Kawasaki,
  • Yoshimura,
  • Don Purhdome,
  • John Force ( we helped break the 300 MPH barrier ) ,
  • Land speed record holders such as Don Vesco, Confederate Motors and Jim Hoehg,
  • Ivan Iron man Stewart,
  • Herman Motorsports,
  • SWIFT Motorsports / Michael Andretti,
  • Porsche,
and many other teams.

Advanced Composites Engineering has always been able to provide 100% customer satisfaction, and our products have helped set many records and championships. Advanced Composites also developed the world’s first D.O.T. approved carbon composite mountain bike helmet for Troy Lee Designs.

During the course of business development, Advanced Composites branched out to service many other areas of industry, including medical, Industrial, commercial, aerospace, and defense applications. ACE applied for and received a Government Cage Code 1PA10 , and obtained ISO 9001 / AS 9100 credentials and certifications.

Advanced Composites Engineering is proud to have fulfilled contracts for large companies such as Boeing, building composite structures for many different applications including Land, Sea, Air, and Space projects. ACE has participated in programs to build spares for the Space Shuttle; UAV projects including the “ Echo Ranger “ , Osiris, and LMRS; and other projects so sensitive that they are classified. ACE maintained a GOLD / GOLD rating for on-time quality and performance/delivery on all contracts.

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